Joe Cassella Pediatric Fund at Inova Children’s Hospital

Dear Joe Cassella Foundation Supporters,

Through Joe’s inspiration to us all, we have been working together to help kids who couldn’t afford medical care for almost 8 years and we are so proud of everything we have accomplished. We have directly impacted local families with our grants and have organized fundraisers and community athletic events that have created long lasting memories.

During this time, the Joe Cassella Foundation worked closely with Inova Children’s Hospital, one of the biggest and most advanced children’s hospital in our area. Their social workers were a huge part of our referral network recommending patients with various illnesses who were in need of help.

At this time, we are excited to announce that we are retiring the foundation to become the Joe Cassella Pediatric Fund at Inova Children’s Hospital so that another worthy non-profit can continue working to help children in need like we did. Also, as a surprise to us, the hospital will be naming the family support lounge on their 8th floor Pediatric Intensive Care Unit after the Joe Cassella Foundation.

This is exciting on many levels. It will create a permanent legacy for Joe’s work at the hospital doing great things for others like he always did for those he helped. The fund will give the foundation a new home that has an immense amount of resources which means that the amount of children that will be helped will grow exponentially, which is the ultimate goal of our work.

However, with this news comes change. This was not an easy decision to make as Inova Children’s Hospital will now take over most of the work. They have been so gracious through this process and will always allow us to have some influence, but this will now be an Inova-run entity. It is because of all of your love, support, time and generosity that this is possible. To learn more and continue supporting our cause, please visit All donations are tax-deductible.

From the bottom of our hearts, with tears in our eyes, thank you for everything you have done to support the mission of the Joe Cassella Foundation to help children and their families get the medical care they need. Stay tuned for details of events to come.

Vivi and Frank Cassella

Inova Children's Hospital
Please visit