The 8th Annual Juice Classic
Charity Golf Event


Dear friends,

It was a beautiful day for golf! Thanks again for supporting the Juice Classic Golf Tournament. We had a record year, raising over $12,000 for the Joe Cassella Foundation. We are so happy to support children and families in need of medical care. This was our best year ever!

What started out 8 years ago as an idea to have a small family golf outing to gather us together in memory of Joe, has far exceeded anything I ever imagined.  At the time, it just felt right to me that I had to do something to help us heal.  I’m amazed at how the Juice Classic grew into a huge family reunion, not just for our family, but for many other families and groups of friends that looked forward to it every year.  

We had an unbelievable run of successful tournaments and lots of memories culminating in this year's record-setting final fundraiser event. 

I realize this news may bring some sadness to many, certainly myself included, but the happiness I have when I think about each Juice Classic far outweighs the negative.  Once again, this could not have happened without the support of the entire family, hundreds of people and local businesses. We should all be very proud. 

Thank you and love to you all,
Sam Bono